USA - WA Newport

In Marysville and Newport, Washington, we provide a wide range of products and materials including honeycomb core, prepregs, adhesives, core details and semi finished panels for internal applications and to major aerospace customers worldwide. 

The Marysville facility on the West Coast of Washington is one of the largest producers of a full range of Nomex and Kevlar honeycomb core.  We also produce machined and formed engineered honeycomb core details.  Major applications for these products range from interior components to highly loaded composite structures. 

The Newport facility in Eastern Washington produces a wide range of glass and carbon fiber prepregs, epoxy and phenolic resin systems, as well as a large number of adhesive systems.  End users of these products include the Safran divisions as well as other aerospace OEMs worldwide.  


  • 75,000 sq ft


  • 72,000 sq ft


  • Full range of structural Nomex and Kevlar honeycomb core
  • Full range of engineered honeycomb core details
  • Epoxy and phenolic tape and fabric prepregs on carbon and fiberglass
  • Portfolio of structural adhesive products
  • Fiberglass and carbon fiber structural panels


  • Multiple honeycomb core processing lines including a unique and proprietary process
  • Horizontal prepreg line for all commonly used fibers and fabrics
  • 5 axis milling
  • Resin mixing
  • Testing and certification

Key Customers:

  • Safran
  • Boeing
  • Triumph
  • CTRM
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