USA - CA Huntington Beach - Nichols

Huntington Beach-Nichols is the home of the Galleys US Business unit, which designs, manufactures, and supports all of the B737 "MaxFlex" galleys, representing 80% of the B737 galley market.

Key Facts

  • 108,000 sq ft (10,030 sqm)

Activities / Processes

  • Design, develop, manufacture, test, and support
  • Manufacturing processes: 3-axis CNC, insert/edge fill, bonding, décor, paint, final assembly, and testing

Products and Customers

  • Buyer furnished equipment to all major airline customers, representing 80% of the market share of B737 galleys, plus the sole supplier of B787 galleys to Etihad Airways
  • Full aftermarket support, including repair station, spares manufacture, and product support
  • Manufacturing site for: COMAC C919 Galleys
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