USA - CA Huntington Beach-Bolsa

The Safran Cabin headquarters are based in Huntington Beach California, in a multi-purpose site that also houses the Safran Cabin Innovation (SCI) Design and Innovation Studio and the manufacturing, development, and certification activities of Cabin Interiors and monuments.

Key Facts

  • 147,000 sq ft (13,660 sqm)

Activities / processes

  • Corporate center for: IS/IT, HR, flammability engineering, certification, document control, and engineering support services
  • Flammability & environmental test labs
  • Manufacturing processes: 3-axis CNC, insert/edge fill, bonding, décor, paint, final assembly, and testing
  • Repair station

Products and Customers

  • Home of Bombardier C Series, CRJ, and Q Series programs, Irkut MC-21, and COMAC C919 Lavatory and Cockpit doors
  • Manufacturing site of Airbus A320 Spaceflex v2 Lavatories, C Series Monuments, and CRJ/Q Series Monuments and bins
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