Brazil - Jacarei

The Safran Cabin site in Brazil develops Engineering and Technical Publication disciplines supporting the various programs of Safran Cabin. The site is strategically located close to Embraer  to support Cabin products and services.

The site also manufactures contents for Embraer 170/190, E2 and Phenom 100 Programs, and is an authorized Repair Center (MRO).


  • Full Aircraft Interior Product Development/Design, Flammability, Stress, Reliability, Electrical and Technical Publication.
  • Manufacturing processes: 5-axis and 3-axis CNC, hand layup, insert/edge fill, bonding, décor, paint, final assembly, and testing.
  • Repair Center (MRO) certified by ANAC and FAA.

Products and Customers 

  • Engineering and Tech Pubs services: Embraer 170/190, E2 FTF; Airbus A350, A330, A320, A380; Irkut MC21; C-Series; Seats.
  • Manufacturing: Embraer 170/190 (Carpets, Placards, Seat Track Cover and Proximity Light), E2 Cockpit Door and Phenom 100 Interior Linings.
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